Using Credit Card

  • Visa and Master Card are both accepted 
  • 3% Surcharge will be charged on the total amount when payment processing
  • Sometimes the system will display an error message when trying to make a payment. The most common reason is because your credit card processing company found a discrepancy with the payment. We recommend either using a different card or contacting your bank about the issue. The other most common reason is that the card provider is blocking international payments. Please verify with your bank or card provider that they allow international payments. Please also verify that the name and billing address on your account is correct. We cannot manually process a card that is being refused by the system. If you receive an error message three times, please stop attempting to make payments and contact Shipito customer service for assistance. For your safety, please DO NOT include your full credit card number. Please keep in mind, when using a credit card from Taiwan, you will need to contact Customer Service via a support ticket and manually verify your credit card before you will be able to use it to make a payment.
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