• Insurance is not compulsory and the insurance fee is the percentage of the declared value (in Australian dollars).
  • If you do not purchase insurance, in case of loss, only the shipping fees will be compensated.
  • The maximum amount of insurance compensation for a shipment is the certain amount in Australian dollars. It will shows up once insurance be checked.
  • If the goods are not received within 60 working days after shipment being made, they will be confirmed as lost (this applies to airfreight shipments).
  • If customs checked and hold the parcels due to misreporting, the insurance clause is automatically voided.
  • When you declare insurance, you will need to provide proof of purchase, such as invoices or payment records, which need to match the amount you declared in the shipment.
  • Insurance can only compensate for losses, not damages of the parcel.
  • All claims, please contact ebaoguo customer service by emailing [email protected], please make sure you send all supporting documents and shipment number in the email.
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