Shop on multiple websites, combine the packages into one box and save up to 80% on shipping.

Step 1. Sign up and get your EBAOGUO Australian Address

This will be your own personal address in the Australia. No signup or setup fees.

Step 2. Shop in any Australian Stores and ship it to your new Australian address

Shop online at your favorite stores and ship them to your new address.

Step 3. Submit your parcels online

After the warehouse received your package, we will take the parcel pictures in the system and you will get an email for parcel received in our warehouse.

Step 4. Pay your shipment when you received email

We will send your parcels out once we received your payment.

Step 1. Sign up and get your EBAOGUO Australian Address

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After registered,you are able to view your Unique Address and SuiteID under Warehouse Address

Step 2. Shopping anywhere and send to us.

You could shopping from any websites around the world, or do the window shopping then ship to us by your local courier

Popular AU websites that you will love


Step 3. Submit your parcels online

We will let you know when your package arrives with photos, weight and dimension recorded
  • 1. Fill out recipient details
  • 2. Select the most valuable service for shipping
  • 3. Fill our your customs form
  • 4. Choose all special services for your parcels
  • 5. Save
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    Step 4. Pay and relax as we ship your items to you

    We will send Email to you once your shipment is ready to pay.
    All payment methods we support
  • Bank Transfer (Australia Dollar)
  • Bank Transfer (Malaysia ringgit)
  • Bank Transfer (Singapore Dollar)
  • Bank Transfer (New Zealand Dollar)
  • Wechat(2% Surcharge)
  • Alipay(2% Surcharge)
  • Visa or Master Credit Card(3% Surcharge)
  • Paypal(3.7% Surcharge)
  • Saving Money is the #1 Reason Why Customers Use EBAOGUO