How Can I Receive My Parcels from Australia?


1. Sign up and get my Ebaoguo address

You will be able to obtain our warehouse address in Australia, Malaysia and China. Free signup!

2. Start shopping online and ship to Us

Start shopping online and ship to your Ebaoguo address at checkout.

3. Combine parcels and save costs.

Shop from different online shops, combine parcels and save shipping costs.

We are good at providing solutions for purchasing and shipping Australian products to international buyers

In Australia, we have more than 30,000 parcels safely delivered all over the world, mainly China and Southeast Asian Countries and regions!
We have been providing Malaysia Express services with stable and super fast speed for the last 2 years.

Service We Provide

China to Australia Seafreight

Our container leave our China warehouse every first week of the month, with an estimated time of 30-45days arriving our Melbourne warehouse

Australia to World Wide Airfreight

Our system will automatically calculate the most cost effective logistics option according to your package size and weight.

Australia Domestic Shipping

By providing your correct address, We could provide the best domestic shipping service for pick up and send to the designated address in Australia

Import to Australia

To Import into Australia, provide us your address, commercial invoice and declaration form for your package.

We are known for our excellent customer service and super fast speed services.

Save at least 40% on international shipping

We provide discounted prices for multiple international logistics, which is more cost-effective than going to the post office by yourself; at the same time, we have multiple self-operated shipping options, which can save a lot of your shipping costs

Save costs by repack and combine parcels

Many international logistics services will calculate by chargeable weight, so we provide the repack and combine parcels service to reduce your shipping costs

Free photo taken when parcel arrive

Warehouse will take photo of your parcel and measure weight and dimension of your parcels.

Dedicated one to one WeChat customer service

In order to better serve every of our beloved customer, you can add our WeChat after register, and we will create a dedicated customer service group for you

About Customs & Compliance

EBAOGUO processes export paperwork for you, and our compliance expertise allows us to safely ship a variety of AU products to you that most others can’t.

Why choose EBAOGUO?

Services we offering

*. Chargeable when request

  • Weighting and Measure Dimension
  • Check outer box and take Photos
  • (*)Money Saver Consolidation Service
  • (*)Special request for parcels
  • (*)Affordable Extra Packing Material Request

Saving Money is the #1 Reason Why Customers Use EBAOGUO